We are Weekend Kiwis - And So Are You!

Monday I Have Friday On My Mind


Welcome! Are you looking for day trips from Auckland or weekend getaways from Auckland, or you want to know everything about caravan restoration? Then look no further!

This site is especially for Weekend Kiwis like you and me: For people who live and work the grind in Auckland city, and for whom the weekend can’t come around fast enough. Because weekends are for adventures or to finally work on your latest DIY project!

As Weekend Kiwis, we (Chris and Alex) are constantly busy on the weekends. Either we’re out exploring this huge playground called Auckland, head out on a weekend getaway or we’re at home, where we’re lovingly restoring a 1977 Sprite Alpine retro caravan.

Follow us and let us inspire you to become your own Weekend Kiwi, be it on Auckland day trips, weekend escapes, or with your very own DIY (caravan) project and try to grow our own veggies.