Kia Ora fellow (future) Weekend Kiwis 

We are Chris and Alex. As Weekend Kiwis, we work the grind during the week like most people. And like most people, we can’t wait for the weekend to arrive!

The weekend is our time to get out and do what we love. And we just LOVE to explore! This can be anything from a walk along the estuary near our house, a trip to a weekend market or the beach, or a walk in a local park or scenic reserve. As long as it’s outside, interesting and rounds of the day with a nice glass of wine, we are in for the fun.

We also try and get away for the weekend as often as we can. We just love leaving work a little early on Fridays to try and beat the traffic (traffic usually beats us, though) and leave the big smoke behind.

When we do, we usually stay at all sorts of accommodation, from the DOC campsite to glamping and hostels and the occasional hotel. As long as the accommodation sparks joy, as Marie Kondo would say, we’re all up for it.
The same counts for our activities. As long as we feel passionate about what we experience, we do occasionally splurge out.

Often, those day and weekend trips include at least one active component as we love to explore the world hiking or biking. And more recently we added the waterways, thanks to inflatable kayak we bought online. We still don’t quite trust it not to puncture while we’re out on the water, though….

When we’re not out and about, finding hidden gems and new getaways, we’re busy renovating a very cute 1977 Sprite Alpine caravan.

While we both don’t have an education as mechanics, at least Chris has a talent for Do-It-Yourself, as woodworking is one of his self-taught hobbies. Alex, on the other side, has not been the most accurate person during handicraft lessons at school, but will do her best to help. In any case it’s going to be a fun project and we already can’t wait to take her out on adventures with us. Till we get there, we will keep you updated on how the adventure caravan restoration is going and hopefully give you helpful tips and what (not) to do for your own retro caravan renovation.

We’re looking forward to taking you along on our journey as we uncover hidden gems around Auckland you might have never known about and invite you to take on the caravan adventure with us!

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Naturally curious, the best way for Alex to relax and unwind is by exploring new places. Staying put isn’t really her strong suit. And having worked in tourism all her professional life, she keeps planning getaways and finding hidden gems for the couple to uncover.
Alex will mostly write for the Getaways section of this site.



Being a self-taught handyman, Chris will be mostly responsible writing up our caravan renovation adventures.